A wild ride and why I am not allowed in the USA anymore


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It’s been a wonderful four months of settling into writing this book, one chapter per month. In that time I’ve also moved across the country, traveled to a few tropical destinations (so effing privileged) fallen in love a few times over, settled into my new much-loved life in Montreal, and become what someone the other night called “The Famous Condom Girl!”

Czech it out:


This then went viral, and somehow Margaret (fucking) Atwood contributed to my book:


And then I had an interview with CJAD and also this interview on Daybreak wherein I don’t really say anything:


Which was shortly followed by this in Metro (which was a bit, ahm, disappointing):


But all was made awesome again here:


And lucky, happy me! I get to write for Rabble.ca more often now! So here goes, my response to all this:


And meanwhile… donations are coming in! And god, am I encouraged and happy and grateful. Silver lining. Thank you SO much.


Future features to be in Huffington Post and on the Slut Walk website.

So in all of this I’ve realized that modelling is essentially done-zors for me, I don’t speak French and so my employment opportunities are slim, and that I’m a full-time writer now (whoa!) and so I got my internet act together:




And you might notice that this blog is just under my name now… hurrah.

I’ve learned so much. And I am definitely due for a new video so I will be making one shortly. Thank you so much for your interest, sharing, and support.